Doing the work can be hard and at times it can be difficult to stay motivated. Finding your “why” and purpose for doing the work can lift you through your less motivated times. In this episode we talk about the differences between purpose and motivation. We go through some exercises you can do to find or define your why. Additionally, we go over how finding your why can sometimes feel selfish and why that’s alright.

With the current situation around COVID-19 and events being cancelled, some of us are having trouble staying motivated with those events gone. As we talk, we highlight how motivation is an accelerant and how purpose gets you through the times when your motivation drops.

Rob goes through a method of asking the 5 whys to get to your purpose. Plus we explore the idea that your purpose is already with you, as a matter of fact it is you and it’s really just about uncovering it and making the invisible, visible.

A lot of this boils down to being intentional and conscience of why we do what we do. By being conscience of your purpose, you can be intentional in your actions and stay on point even without this year’s now cancelled events not long there for motivation.

We hope you enjoy the episode and find it useful. We’d love your feedback! We make this content for you and want it to be entertaining, educational, and useful. Drop us a review on iTunes and send us any comments you have!

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