Episode 6 – Meet the Founder

In this week’s episode, Rob interview’s Erik on the founding of NFR Cycling. You’ll hear about Erik’s early cycling years and the influence cycling had on his life. Plus, you’ll learn about Erik’s transition from... Read More

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Building Endurance

The 12 and 6 hour races in Temecula Ca, are this coming weekend on January 27th 2018. They are put on by So.Cal Endurance and are fantastic. The 12 and 6 hour are on Saturday…

The Crucible of Cycling

Why Cycling Matters for NFR One of the reasons I love cycling is the instant and direct feedback of action. When you pedal harder, you go faster. There’s no abstraction and no delay. When you…

Some Motivational Speakers Aren’t

I finally found what I needed. First, some backstory. I’ve spent more time than I can really account for listening to “motivational” people telling me how to “make it”. These are brilliant and successful people….

No Free Rides – A Podcast

On a ride one day, a lifelong friend of mine an I were talking about life, it’s challenges, and why we do the things we do. We discussed our attempts at being successful in life…