Riding vs Training

Riding and training mean different things. If you approach your training like you’re just riding, you’ll likely sabotage your goal. In this episode, we’ll explore the differences and what it means for your time on... Read more

Episode 10 – Listener Questions

You’ve got questions, we have your answers! In this episode we answer the questions our listeners submitted. Thank you everyone for sending these questions in. We actually had too many to answer in an hour... Read more

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NFR Team Kits are Here

Working with Hincapie Custom Cycling, we’ve got our 2021 NFR “Team” kits ready to go! Order yours today. Orders will close November 19th, with your orders delivered about 8 weeks later. Start off 2021 in…

Training Terms

Cycling has it’s own culture, attitudes, and terms. We’ve assembled a list of common terms and definitions to provide some clarity and help you navigate the training world out there. For more depth and color,…

Building Endurance

The 12 and 6 hour races in Temecula Ca, are this coming weekend on January 27th 2018. They are put on by So.Cal Endurance and are fantastic. The 12 and 6 hour are on Saturday…