In this episode, Rob and I talk about how breathing with more intent and focusing on your breathing can help improve performance and endurance.

We typically breathe more heavily as a result of the load we put on our bodies during exercise. There are ways to train your breathing and pulmonary systems more directly, we highlight and discuss a few of the ways to do that.


The worlds first smart breathing trainer.

Resources and Links

Respiratory Muscle Training
Specific science validated, cycling focused exercises. The mind behind the PowerBreathe device.

Breathing For Warriors  – Belisssa Vranich
Targeted breathing exercises and the benefits of “circumferential” breathing for athletes and high performance individuals.

Breath – Belissa Vranich
Belissa’s first book with an introduction to circumferential breathing. She also references a lot of other breathing modalities

The Oxygen Advantage – Patrick McKeown  

The Breathing Cure – Patrick McKeown

Conscious Breathing – Anders Olssen

Breath – James Nestor

Breath to Perform – Jay Bidler

Breathology – Stigg  Severinsen

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