We’re all having to spend more time indoors these days, so on this episode we go over the many indoor cycling training apps that are out there and available today. Rob Teixeira joins the episode again to bring the coach and high level performance aspect to the conversation.

To help find the right training and riding solution for you, we discuss everything from pricing to fitness testing to training plans. Here’s a breakdown of the apps we discuss in the show:


  • $14.99 per month or $129 a year
  • 14 day trial
  • Apple TV is coming – update from their help center in Jan 2020
  • Desktop, iOS, no Android as of yet
  • Video driven structured workouts
  • Includes “workouts” for Yoga, Strength Training and Mental Exercises
  • Testing protocols: FTP and 4DP
  • Multi-week Training Plans
  • Neal Henderson as the coach behind the training plans


  • $14.99 per month
  • 7 day trial, 30 days if you buy a trainer from them
  • Desktop, Apple TV, iOS and Android
  • Companion app for iOS and Android
  • Over 1000 structured workouts
  • Build your own workouts
  • Testing protocols: FTP and Modified Ramp
  • Multi-week Training Plans

Honorable Mentions

Trainer Road

  • $19.95 month or $189 per year, saves 50 on the year
  • – Structured training indoors and out, can load workouts to head unit for structured workouts outside
  • – IOS, Android, Desktop


  • £9.99 pounds – rounds out to $12.50 per month right now
  • Mixes videos of real roads and a Zwift like experience
  • Smart Trainer compatible


  • $10.00 per month with family sharing
  • Augmented reality routes. Mix of real world videos and computer generated avatars
  • Thousands of videos on every continent


  • $9.95 per month
  • Virtual Reality cycling app
  • Need VR headset
  • Not Smart Trainer integrated
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