You’ve got questions, we have your answers! In this episode we answer the questions our listeners submitted. Thank you everyone for sending these questions in. We actually had too many to answer in an hour long podcast! We’ll be doing more of these question episodes to make sure you get answers to all your cycling questions.

For this episode, we answer questions from the 4 pillars of performance that we’ve outlined in previous episodes: Mental, Physical, Nutrition, and Equipment. We’ve found this framework super helpful in working talking about and developing performance on the bike.


We’ll touch on motivation and how to shift your targets from competitive events to other targets in the current covid era.


We answer questions about managing intensity in workouts and avoiding burnout. Then, we take on the feeling of going from indoor training back outdoors and why it feels like the fitness isn’t transferring over. We close out the section by talking about coming back to the bike after a big crash or injury.


Next, we take some time to talk about your nutrition questions. A few of you asked what to eat pre-ride, post-ride, and during rides, so we talk on that. We touch on and how to get faster, better, stronger while managing weight. We also tackle the age old question on having a cocktail when training.


Finally, we wrap up with some questions on equipment, answering questions about our favorite pieces of training gear and talk a bit about e-bikes.

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