In this episode, we look at what high intensity low volume (HILV) training is and what it can do for you. Additionally, we go into how you get started structuring your training plan differently compared to more “traditional” training program for success.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want more time back in their lives and HILV training is a great way to do that all while continuing to improve on the bike. Rob will go over some of the history and development of HILV. We’ll also discuss the process and mechanics of adopting a high intensity low volume training plan, along with some tips and tricks in dealing with the shift in mindset it takes to really adopt it.

Like we say here, there are no free rides, and adopting a HILV plan will make you work. In the end to get time back, we have to pay for it in some way, and here we pay for it with intensity. These workouts will be very different from what you’ve experienced in the past and we talk about ways to cope with that.

As we say in the podcast, if you the Sufferfest app and follow one of their programs, you’ll get a good introduction in HILV.

The journey from traditional programs can be a tough one, but totally worth it in the amount of time you can get back while maintaining and improving performance. If you have questions, you can always send them to us.

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