In this week’s episode, Rob interview’s Erik on the founding of NFR Cycling. You’ll hear about Erik’s early cycling years and the influence cycling had on his life. Plus, you’ll learn about Erik’s transition from cycling for “fun” to becoming a “cyclist” and cycling as a lifelong competitive lifestyle. Erik talks about how that lifestyle forged his thoughts and philosophies around “doing the work” even before the fateful ride that propelled NFR Cycling from and idea to a podcast.

We explore the experience Erik has has with chronic illness over the past 5 years. He discusses what his 2018 diagnosis of Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) has meant for training, NFR Cycling, and life. His journey over the past few years has had a huge impact on his choices around training, motivation, purpose, and living a life that feeds the soul – even through adversity. He talks about his hope for what sharing these experiences and the lessons he learned will do for the NFR community.

The interview closes out on a clarification of what NFR Cycling is, what it’s mission is, and who it’s for. All of this should give you an idea of what to expect from NFR Cycling, Rob, and Erik moving forward. We’re super excited to have you with us on this journey!

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