Welcome to the second podcast episode of the NFR Cycling! In this episode we meet Rob Teixeira and learn a bit about his and my history together. After that, we discuss how we became friends on the bike, and in life, plus the role food played in that. It’s a fun story, I promise.

Throughout the episode, we’ll talk about our history, our future projects in this space, plus the value we hope to bring to you. We discuss what it was like being amateur racers in Southern California starting back in 1999. We touch on being part of the amateur 7up cycling team and what that exposure meant to us. After that, we talk through how Rob got started training with power all the way back in 2003. We talk about how he worked with industry pioneers like John Howard and Bill Edwards. In addition, also go through some of our experiences with interactive power training with apps like Sufferfest and Zwift and offer some tips to get started.

Rob’s been a USA Cycling coach for decades and a pioneer in indoor, structured training with power. You can learn more about Rob and his coaching and mentoring at The Next Level and on his YouTube Channel

If you missed episode one, where I introduce NFR and what it stands for, make sure you take a listen.

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