Welcome to the first episode of the NFR Cycling podcast! In this episode We’ll introduce your host, talk about what NFR stands for and where it came from. We’ll also highlight some of the things we’ll to explore in future podcast episodes and some of the topics we’ll cover.

NFR, or No Free Rides os a podcast that will explore everyday people doing, what I consider, to be extraordinary things. We’ll explore the work they do to craft their lives the way they want them. It’s about understanding that there are no free rides for anything and to get anywhere, you have to do to the work.

It’s important to note, this isn’t about the current trend in “hustle” culture, it’s more foundational than that. No none is going to be promoting 100 hours a week of work or trying to tell you to be hustling every moment of your life. 

In future episodes, we’ll talk with people that are “doing the work” to achieve their goals. We’ll talk with people working to grow and live the lives they want to live them. Often, we’ll frame the conversations through sports, but we’ll look at process and doing the work through other lenses as well. I’m incredibly excited to take this journey with all of you! Enjoy the introduction and until next time, keep doing the work.

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