The Crucible of Cycling

January 12, 2018

Why Cycling Matters for NFR

One of the reasons I love cycling is the instant and direct feedback of action. When you pedal harder, you go faster. There’s no abstraction and no delay. When you turn the handlebars, you instantly change direction. The more you ride, the more fit you get. Action; Reaction. Cycling is a simple and sometimes brutal truth. Take 4 weeks off the bike and the brutal part smacks you right in the ass, literally.

That’s why I chose cycling to be the glue that binds all the content together here. Because of the reward in that feedback loop, cyclists are keen about the concept of “Doing the Work”. Cycling is the shared crucible between NFR staff and most of the people we’ll talk to and about at NFR. That’s not to say other sports or professions don’t do the work, it just means that for this space, cycling is the lens we’re going to look through, because cycling is the lens we know at NFR.

Why This – Might – Matter to You

Our mission at NFR is to highlight everyday people doing extraordinary things in their lives. We’re also going to bend that word extraordinary a bit and put it in the context of that persons life and experience. Climbing Glendora Mountain Road would be easy for some and extraordinary for others. The context of the person and their individual experience matters. Most of the people we know are cyclists. It’s that common thread that gives us a window into that individuals life and the spark to start a conversation.

It’s Mostly Not About the Bike

While cycling is the common thread, it isn’t be the only one. If you dream and work towards an improved future version of yourself , you’ll find value here. We’re actually not trying to tell stories about bicycling, but stories about humans. Stories about success, failure, putting one foot in front of the other, and doing the work. If you happen fall in love with bikes and pedaling them along the journey, that works too.

Article Photo by shitty pics on Unsplash

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