No Free Rides – A Podcast

December 14, 2017

On a ride one day, a lifelong friend of mine an I were talking about life, it’s challenges, and why we do the things we do. We discussed our attempts at being successful in life and on the bike. One of us ended up saying, “Man, you just have to do the work. There aren’t any free rides for anything.” That’s what planted the seed for NFR.

Everyday, I see so many people get up and jump in to the world to do that work. I’ve seen them at races, training on a tough climb, creating new products, working construction, fighting fires, and sitting at their desks. Regular, extraordinary people, making things happen, doing the work. I want to tell their stories.

That’s what this podcast is about, telling the stories of everyday people living life on their terms, making their success happen. These people don’t have a wikipedia page, they don’t have a pro racing contract, or their own reality show. They are you and they are me.

We’ll interview everyday extraordinary people working for their goals and dreams. They’re people just like you. They have families, jobs, and responsibilities and they do what they do for the love of it, for the process of it.

Along the way, we’ll have a blast, learn some things, help each other, and make new friends.

We’re launching our first episode in January, like our page to get updates and get your favorite podcast app ready! #dothework

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